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How should I use the included dropper to administer the Hemp Oil?

Some of our hemp extract bottles come with an included dropper for easy use. Keeping the dropper clean and void of any bacteria is essential for your health and the preservation of the hemp extract. If you choose to use the dropper for oral application of our hemp extracts, take special care to keep it from coming in contact with the interior and exterior of your mouth. It is recommended that you clean the dropper after each use, especially if it comes in contact with your mouth, with an alcohol swab to ensure proper storage of the product.



Are there any side effects from giving my pet HV Hemp Extract oil?

There should be none as long as the suggested serving allotments are followed. If too much hemp extract oil is given to a dog, then temporary drowsiness may occur. Additionally, too much oil, not hemp extract, can cause dogs to have an upset stomach and potential diarrhea. Stick to the recommended serving sizes to ensure a happy pup!



How do I return a Herbal Vet product?

Should you feel the need to return a product that you have purchased through our site, please contact us within 30 days of receiving the shipment. We will ask you to ship the product back to us, at no cost to you. Once we receive the returned product, a refund will be issued and an auto email will notify you of that transaction.

If your product was purchased through a distributor or retailer, you will need to go back through your original purchase location for any return or exchange.