Anxiety: Tranquilizers vs. Hemp oil for dogs

Almost all dogs suffer from anxiety, especially if they've lived a tough life before being rescued by their forever parents. I don't think anxiety discriminates against certain breeds either, I've seen it in a 5 lb Chihuahua and a 50 lb Retriever. There are a lot of things that can trigger anxiety. How do you know if your dog is anxious?


Well, here are a few symptoms of anxiety that are easy to recognize in dogs:


-Trembling & shaking


-Panting & shortness of breath

-Inappropriate urination

-In more extreme cases, diarrhea


There are several things that can trigger anxiety in dogs, especially if they have had a traumatic experience. It's very common for dogs to struggle with the loud noises associated with 4th of July, though. Noise phobia is an easy term for it.


When I first went to my vet about the intense anxiety my dog was suffering from, they recommended dog tranquilizers. Specifically,  acepromazine. Essentially, these medications knock the pups out and help them relax when the loud booms are occurring. It's frequently prescribed for dogs during fireworks season. In doing further research, I learned that regularly taking these medications can actually increase a dog's sensitivity to noise. To put it simply, my dog could become more & more dependent on this medication to make it through thunderstorms, fireworks & other loud, stressful events. Her anxiety could actually increase if she didn't have her medication. It's not to say this happens to every dog, but it's a side effect that was not disclosed to me. 


I was fortunate enough to discover Hemp oil for dogs. Raw hemp oil is 100% organic and there are zero side effects. The best part, it's way easier to administer to my pup. I can mix it in her food and she doesn't eat around it. I swear, my dogs can smell a pill from a mile away. 


So the important part, does it work? YES! I live in Montana and over the last few months, we've had some aggressive thunderstorms. My dog would typically be panting in my face all night but she is cool as a cucumber. No panting, no hiding. Last but not least, it actually improves her health. It contains healthy omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, reduces inflammation & keeps her joints healthy. 


In the battle between tranquilizers & Hemp oil for dogs, my vote goes to hemp oil! 


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